We completed our Appeasement of Fire and Water Elemental Mother Last Night

Four Elemental Mother Osun and Fire Element Shrine

Last night together we successfully completed the online Four Elemental Mother ceremony to appease the  Fire and Water Mothers. The prayer was called after recent joint trance messages  I received from  Osun and Kuten La – The Tibetan State Oracle. Osun sent the vision of tsunamis and Kuten La’s Oracle – the Nechung Oracle sent the vision of huge Earthquakes. Both visions were a few days apart. Kuten La – The Tibetan State Oracle sent his vision  from India to me after he heard the  vision Osun had sent. He informed me they were going to hold urgent ceremonies.

I was nervous about the ceremony because it was the first time I held done one like this online, but the energy became very strong and at the end started to rain and thunder. There were many messages delivered by Esu the divine male and son of the Great Mother Osun, Osun and Kali.

A divination was done to ask for the message of what energies were governing the ceremony and what did the Mothers and Gods want from us to appease them. Osun spoke through Ogunda Meji which talks about conflict but also the clearing of the way. Thus Ogunda meji says there is so much warring and conflict in the world and it is causing a problem. However the way can be cleared. Ogun the God of War and Peace governs this Odu (an Odu is like a hexagram).  Ogunda Meji speaks of Ori (consciousness), that  we must follow the Ori which guides collective and individual destiny. The reading came in imbalance in Ogbe Meji – which has a warning for humanity that we must walk in an ethical and respectful manner with each other and our Earth. Ogbe meji also says that this person will manage to avert disaster and be blessed.  In the Odu Obara Meji it said this ceremony would help turn the imbalance to great blessings (ire). Obara Meji speaks of aligning our egos to the great spirit. If we do not then we will face the forces of nature which will force us into balance. Ifa says this person and his community will receive protection and will not be harmed.

Esu said that we must take heart and remain hopeful. Esu said it is his time, it is time for the divine male to step forward. Esu said the men must now start journeying towards their divine male hood, which they are currently being robbed of. Kali encouraged the women to heal their wombs and to know that their wombs hold a tremendous power to heal themselves and their own lives. Towards the end of the prayers love and ashe was sent up to the new moon.

A dear sister Tanya Rodrigeuz sent an interesting video over of her candle responding to the Kali Chant. Watch the video and notice how the flame rises with the Kali chanting. It is fascinating.

So grateful for all who joined.

Ashe, Aho, Namaste, Amen, Ashe!

Love and Light,

Yeye Omi


Watch Tanya’s flickering Flame Video from the Ceremony

Remember Tanya was all the way in a different house, as this was an online ceremony

Click the link to see video Tanya’s Kali Video










Click Here to hear audio of ceremony

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