I have dedicated my life to changing the narrative not just through talk but through age old ceremonies that honor all life, the waters and Earth.


Four Elemental Mother Ceremony 

The Four Elemental Mother Ceremonies are close to myself and my husbands hearts. The ceremony came from a deep and life changing vision I had in 2016, which led to me being invited  to India to  share with the Kuten La – Tibetan State Oracle. Much to my surprise and his  we both discovered we  had received the same vision. The result of our meeting was the Four Elemental Mother Ceremony work where I was blessed and tasked by Kuten La – Tibetan State Oracle and all the ancestors that guide me to spread this ceremony in a universal form and teachings around the world. The ceremony is essentially a  forgiveness one where water plays a big part,  as well as honoring all the Mother Elements that sustain us. It  deepens and repairs  our relationship with our Earth and sustaining Mother Elements through  apology, gratitude and love. I have witnessed many people receive deep healing through this ceremony.  To date there have been over 67 global Four Elemental Mother Ceremonies and I have trained up to 26 practitioners of the ceremony.

I encourage you to do this ceremony in your own cultural  way or according to the Universal format that I teach and share with others.

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CLICK HERE To Listen to  listen to hear audio of Yeye Omi’s  astonishing vision and sharing with   Kuten La Tibetan Oracle in “Little Tibet” Dharamsala, India

 CLICK HERE to download basic Universal Four Elemental Mother Ceremony instructions

Contact a Four Elemental Mother Practitioner: A Four Elemental Mother Practitioner can help you and your community hold a ceremony. We will soon have a directory up.

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