We must become the ceremony. We must lead our lives with our hearts and focus on balancing the Four Elemental Mothers within. As we balance them through purification and balancing practices they balance us. We go back to the connection to the community within and the community outside of ourselves. – Yeye Omileye


 Four Elemental Mother Ceremony and Practice

The Beginnings

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What is Four Elemental Mother Ceremony and Practice

You Become the Ceremony

The Universal Four Elemental Mother Ceremony is a deeply healing  compassionate ceremony and practice for the individual, collective and planet. This practice draws on global Shamanistic and Yogic roots.  Through an inner offering of inter-tradition prayers, meditations, chants, sacred songs, apologies, love and gratitude – we balance the Elements within, whose disturbance becomes reflected in the imbalances in our environment.  Through the same sacred mechanism mentioned above, fruit/ flower offerings, and compassionate action – we give outer offerings to  balance the Elements outside of ourselves. Through this practice we become calmer and the Mother Elements become calmer, our planet becomes calmer. We bring in a more gentle and abundant  transformation for the planet. Yeye Omi was guided to teach this ceremony and practice,  she was  blessed by Kuten La – Tibetan State Oracle to teach and share this ceremony.


How to  hold a Ceremony?

You can hold a Four Elemental Mother in your own cultural way or in the Universal Four Elemental Mother way which is taught by Yeye Omi. CLICK HERE to download basic Universal Four Elemental Mother Ceremony instructions


How  Many Ceremonies have been held around the globe?

Since 2016 there have been 67 ceremonies plus, held across faiths and continents. We thank everyone. Click Here to see full list of ceremonies and their organizers 


What does a Four Elemental Mother Ceremony Holder and Practitioner do?

In the last eight months we have trained over 28 Four Elemental Mother practitioners.  Practitioners guides the individual and collective through a deeply healing experience which balances the Mother Elements within and the Mother Elements on our planet. They can hold healing pods and propitiating ceremonies to calm the Mother Elements down. They overall bring in a gentle transformation for the individual, collective and planet.


How do I become a Four Elemental Mother Practitioner and Ceremony Holder?

You have to complete a training session. Training information is being updated and will have more information soon.