Kuten La_Tibetan Oracle To Begin Earnest Preparations for Recognition of Yeye Omileye as Mamaki_Female Water Buddha

Dear friends I have some big, surreal, exciting and humbling announcement to make connected to the messages I recently passed onto Kuten La – The Tibetan Oracle.

Kuten La, The Tibetan Oracle has informed me that I will receive the spiritual implements and recognition as an emanation as Mama Ki, the Female Water Buddha. Kuten La explained that “Mama Ki and Osun are the same, just different names.” Often when he talks of Osun he says, “Osun-Mamaki”

As you may know many years ago I received recognition as carrying Osun’s energy in the Nigerian tradition and received installment as The Crown of Osun In Nigeria. A Crown of Osun is someone who is recognized as carrying the energy of Osun and has special life works to do with her.

Preparations for receiving Mama Ki’s special implements and recognition will begin in earnest soon by Kuten La – The Tibetan Oracle and a team of specialist monk. . I have to fund raise, so they can gather all the materials to make Mama Ki’s special outfit, implements and do the ceremonies for this amazing moment. I have been informed it is a very expensive process as they will have to use real gold etc.

This important event shows the Mother is truly rising across the cultures to re-connect us back to oneness and compassion. May us women keep on rising!

I am just preparing an urgent fundraiser so that the earnest preparations for Kuten La – Tibetan Oracle and his Team can begin.  I will keep you posted of the Fund raiser.

I humbly thank all the Mothers, Mama Osun, the ancestors and Kuten La for this special event. I promise Mother Osun – Mamaki I will keep on committing my life to you.

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Ashe and Thank you everyone,

Yeye Omileye