Holistic Counseling


Our Journey

Omileye Achike0bi-Lewis, M.Ed, NCC, LPCA

Integrated and Mindfulness based Psychotherapist and licensed School Counselor, Professional Hypnotherapist and BA Ayurvedic Practitioner, Ancient Wisdom Teacher
A member of the American Counseling Association, and verified member of Psychology Today
Breathing Room Space  clinic is where you restore your health,  children, families and communities one element at a time. Here you free our inner child qualities of joy, abundance, possibilities, curiosity,  hope, knowing  and balance.
It is where you go to unpeel  the layers of emotional,  psychological, systemic wounds caused from your wounded inner child. It is where me and you journey together.
I work with children, adults, families and couples for we all have an inner child that needs re-birthing. Our relationship has an inner child, our children and ourselves.

How We Journey

I  listen – this is the key to the journey. Then I join you on your Hero’s Journey around the Universal Four Elemental Mother Medicine Wheel. The word medicine wheel is from Native American culture, but the medicine wheel exist in all cultures: Native American, African, Asian, European etc. It represents the sacred circle of life.  The Universal Elemental Mother Medicine allows us to journey through levels of consciousness, stages of life and layers of life issues. Through it we can successfully integrate our: emotional, spiritual, physical, cognitive, creative, social, natural realms.

The Universal Four Elemental Mother Medicine Wheel is part of the Four Elemental Breath work and healing modality. This healing modality is an integrated somatic and mind-body experience perfectly joining ancient wisdom with modern day psychotherapy. It includes the use of: Universal Four Elemental Mother Medicine Wheel, intuition, healing visualizations, Jungian symbols,  narrative therapy, diverity training modalities, Therapeutic Trauma Hypnotherapy tools, transformation mask, fluid sand-tray and other expressive arts.

Who do I work with?

I work with children, adults, couples, families and schools on a variety of issues ranging from  spirituality, transitions, cultural issues, anxiety, depression, emotional deregulation, learning issues, Self esteem, autism and addiction. I do full ecological assessments which take into account the cognitive, emotional, physical, spiritual, natural, social, creative realms of life.

I have created mindfulness packages and groups for community projects, South Carolina Police, Evergreen Charter School, Evergreen Charter School and a school I worked for in Asheville City School System.

Books Your Session

Fees: Sliding Scale $75  – $125 per session
Journey Packages, 4 weeks, – $250
Counseling in person or by phone (certified to do tele-counseling)
Hours  Monday to Saturday 10 am – 8 PM
Contact me on omileye@yeyeosun.com