Donors Who Supported Trip to See Kuten La Tibetan Oracle 2016, India

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Gratitude  List of Donors Who Helped Raise Initial Amount for Trip Possible


I never forgot the names of all those who supported this trip with financial donations, supportive action and kind words.  I created a list of of all donors and supporters and had them blessed by Venerable Thupten Ngodup, The Tibetan State Oracle and His Holiness the Dalai Lama. I also took the list to many sacred sites with me to receive deep blessings.

Endless Moral and Physical Support

Anahata Iridah – Founder of Traveling Light

Prema Dasara – Founder of Tara Dhatu

Passang Dorjee – Our awesome Tibetan Host and Anahata’s Heart Son


Financial Donors

Jyoti Prevatt –   Center of Sacred Studies
Darlene Hunter  – Center of Sacred Studies
Hector  & Claudia Pureco – Charlotte View Radio
jennifer cormier
Susan Coleman
Elaine McCall
Michelle Gould – Heavenly Writing Astrology
Judith Lay
Dinequa Fizer
Olga Siddons
Linda Backes
Nina Raven Studio
Naomi Eh Rich
Mary McCulloh – Center of Sacred Studies
Jesse Giffen
Catherina Amareena
Kellie Nash (Peach)
Robin S Knox
Martha White (Imani White) – Soul Fire Peace Chamber
Rita Fieldman
Robin S Knox

Hadia McLeod
Lynley Hall
Susan Coleman
Stephanie Iverson
Jeffrey Joseph
Liesbeth Mees ten Oever
Akiko Yoshino
remah joseph
Peggy Moore
Anthe Kelley
Shelli Standback (due)
Lisa Sterling
Julia Weaver
Shante Lewis
Anita Hyatt
Candace Huber
Pamoon Press

leigh Seelemam

Gifts to Donors 

We did not have much money for gifts, but we believe in always showing our deep gratitude. So in return for your spiritual donations we have brought you back gifts blessed by His Venerable Thupten Ngodup – The Tibetan State Oracle and His Holiness the Dalai Lama.
$50      – post cards from Dharamsala
$100    – Statute of Goddess of Compassion Tara from Dharamsala
$500    – Original water ceremony bowls from Dharamsala
$1000  – Original Tara Thangka  from Dharamsala