Dear friends, as many of you may know in May mine and my husband Chief Olu’s life changed when I received a strong vision about an up and coming Great Suffering coming to our Earth in the form of natural disasters because human kind was not listening to the Mother or Ancestors.  Through this vision the Mother Osun, Yoruba Universal  and Water Mother directed me to see “the Oracle far away, the Oracle of the Tibetan People”. My priest in Africa divined and confirmed I had to go to whomever this oracle was immediately.

Following this vision, which many are calling a prophecy,I was filled  with fear and vulnerability. I had no idea whom this Oracle was, but one thing led miraculously to another. I discovered his name was Kuten La – The Tibetan State Oracle, He live in Dharamsala with His Holiness the Dalai Lama and is the head of the Nechung Monastery. It was through Prema Desara, Anahata Iridah and the latter’s Heart Son Passang that I was guided through an open door to see Kuten La, whom agreed to see me. Even the money rolled in from generous donators I did not know.

Once I saw Kuten La – The Tibetan State Oracle shared the Nechung Oracle had manifested two days before I arrived and delivered the exact same message I had shared with him, with the same level of intensity, and he did have the solution as my vision had told me he would. The Nechung Oracle said,

“There is a great suffering coming to Earth in the form of huge tsunamis and earthquakes. This is a result of mankind polluting the Four Elemental Mothers. They are putting pollutants into the air and creating an imbalance, they are putting pollutants into the waters and poisoning the waters. The Four Elemental Mothers are out of balance and angry. They are the ones who will be bringing the Great Suffering. Osun was right, the Nechung Oracle had the answer. The answer is to give prayers and ceremonies of gratitude and apology to the Four Elemental Mothers.”

Kuten La organized a private audience with Myself, Olu, and His Holiness the Dalai Lama, gave us a strong initiation, and made us promise that we would return to share the messages, solution and work hard to deliver humanity form suffering. We  have stuck to our promise to Kuten La. On June 25th 2016  30 synchronized world Four Elemental Mother ceremonies were held. August 27th 2016  the second the synchronized Four Elemental ceremony will be held. Myself and Olu are fully committed to encourage individuals to hold single, small to large group prayers and ceremonies to honor the Four Elemental Mothers, with Mother Waters being specially honored for being the all loving mother whom flows us all together.  As we do these ceremonies we must also Become the Ceremony knowing that as we purify our internal waters, the rivers outside of us also begins to run clear.


Help us Appease and Honor the Four Elemental Mothers through:

  •  Individual, public and private group ceremony and prayers
  • Monthly individual, public and Private group ceremony/prayers
  • Joining in on the synchronized ceremonies
  • Urgently spreading the word in your spiritual circles
  • Through your everyday actions and Becoming the Ceremony



Click Here and listen to  audio recording of the trip