I remember my husband did something that upset me and when he said “sweetie, I am so sorry”, it melted me and made me feel closer to him again. Forgiveness ceremonies for our Mother Earth and Elements can actually melt our hearts creating a closer relationship with Mother Earth and the Elements that nurture us again. As a result there is this beautiful alignment that happens and something beautiful happens – we remember what sustains us and feel appreciative again. Gratitude heals our bodies, our actions towards others and our great Mother Earth.

Every time I do a Water Ceremony or Four Elemental Mother Ceremony with husband Chief Olu Derrick, I feel whole again. I can feel the pulsating vibrant potency of the universe running through my veins. It is a powerful feeling. I feel like a small child and Mother Earth and universe feels like my big mother. I also see this in participants of the ceremonies. I can see them as they journey through their own healing and what created separation in the first place.

I felt very humbled and grateful when grandmother Robin Youngblood invited me to participate in her 30 Days of Ho’oponopono Prayers by offering a prayer. I pre-recorded my prayer below. A deep sense of gratitude overcame me as I created the humble video and watched it back. I thought “yes” I have now memoralized my gratitude to Mother Earth and the Mother Elements. But it does not stop there, because I know relationships only grow with continuous show of appreciation, apologies and love.