The Oṣun River (sometimes, but rarely spelt Oshun) is a river that flows southwards through central Yorubaland in southwesternNigeria into the Lagos Lagoon and the Atlantic Gulf of Guinea. It is one of the several rivers ascribed in local mythology to have been women who turned into flowing waters after some traumatic event frightened or angered them.

The river is named after the Oṣun or Oshun, one of the most popular and venerated Orishas.[1] The annual traditional worship at the Ọṣun Shrine near the Ọṣun River at Osogbo culminates at the Osun Sacred Grove which is now a World Heritage site. It has become a popular pilgrimage and important tourist attraction, drawing people from all over Nigeria and abroad to the annual festival in August.

Osun is one of the river goddesses and world mother in Yorubaland, she is noted for providing for the needs of the people, her wisdom and compassion. She is the Elemental Mother who brings is the nourishing flowing life force which connects all sentient beings. Her waters are seen as the physical and cosmic rivers and she is honored by many names in various cultures across the world. Osun shares the same features and iconograhies as other world water and wisdom mothers across the world. Osun always saves the day.

In August 2015 Yeye Omileye attended the Osun Sacred Festival and traveled the length of the Osun River with Chief Abiodun Agboola and her spiritual colleagues Kazumi and Akiko (members of the Mother of Waters Council). They stopped and prayed at auspicious sacred spots along the river. It was then that Yeye Omileye noticed how severely neglected the source of the Osun River was. She made a commitment she would do something to help the Osun River and to honor her as a the flowing divine feminine life force.



Restoring the Source of the Osun River

  • Omileye and Chief Olu have committed to put aside 25% of all their earnings to help restore the source of the Osun River
  • Where will the 25% go:  The River will be dredged, an ornate shrine door will created to help animals from defacing  the shrine, source waters will be beautified. 


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