Some of our Media Highlights on Spreading the Vision

Recently the Asheville NC Mountain X Press Emily Nichols  helped to spread the vision of the Four Elemental Mother Ceremony Work and private audience with Kuten La – Tibetan State Oracle and His Holiness the Dalai Lama Click Here to Read

Vicki Goldston wrote a beautiful article  for her Garden Spices magazine on the Four Elemental Mother Vision and her visit to the second main Four Elemental Mother Ceremony in Asheville NC Click Here to Read More

In 2013 Yeye Omileye was invited to the United Nations to help launch UNICEF Global Interfaith WASH Alliance (GIWA), and to participate in their international Water Debate. Her debate article was called Click here to read more “Ubuntu_Water Shows the Way”   

We still have fun memories of being asked to lead the powerful 2013  Calling all Nations Ceremony


Click on links below to find out more about these and other things we have been involved in.

Moutain X Press



Click here to Read: Mountain X Press, Asheville_ African priestess offers healing ceremonies in Asheville, August 30th 2016


Click here to Read: Garden Spice Four Elemental Mother Article by Vicki Goldston, Sep 3 2016


 Click Here to Read: Winthrop News_Water Conservation Efforts Lead to UN. Winthrop University News. October 2013


Click Here to Read: Omi  and Son Kem Ra Go to UN for Launch of GIWA. Lancaster News, October 2013


Click Here to Read: Ubuntu Water Shows the Way (Omi’s UN Water Debate). March 2013


Click Here to Read: Angels on My Shoulder: Living Powerfully with the Dreamtime. Natural Awakenings. February 2013


Click Here to Read: Present for Earth Day_Natural Awakening Earthday Issue, 2012


Click Here to Read: Natural Awakening_Lighting the Lights Ceremony, 2012


 Click Here to Read: Taking Good Care of Planet Earth_Lancaster News_2011


Click Here to Read: H4W_Charlotte_Observer_-_Dan_Huntley, 2008


 Click Here to Read:Helping the Catawba River_Natural Awakening 2008


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