Yeye Osun and Founders

Yeye Osun

We are committed to creating brave spaces where we can facilitate dialogue and practices which result in the protection of our Earth and more peaceful compassionate communities. What makes us a little different is we draw on spiritual philosophical and practical framework of ancient Wisdom of Africa, Native American, Indian, Tibetan culture etc. Osun, the African Goddess of Love, wisdom, creativity, and joy is our sacred muse who guides us to forever look at the pathway to peace.

Our projects include: Humanity4Water Awards, WaterSongline (co-founded with Ann Rosencranz and husband Bob Boyll), UNICEF Global Interfaith Alliance (GIWA) (co-founded with up to 16 global spiritual leaders), Gift of Sacred Waters – where sacred waters from all over the world are sent to us, combined and sent out in small bottles as a  free gift to anyone who request a small bottle. The waters represents unified love, oneness, good relations with the waters and all living beings. So far we have had 350 waters sent to us.

About  Founders

Osun water blessing picture

Yeye Omileye  “Omi” Achikeobi-Lewis, M.Ed, NCC, LPCA

Yeye Omileye is often known as an old soul in a modern world.  She is an international award winning author of several books, former national UK journalist,  fifth generation Wisdom keeper, story teller, sacred artist,initiated priestess of Osun of Afro Caribbean roots. A mother of two she is also a licensed contemplative clinical mental health psychotherapist, licensed school counselor, Ayurvedic Practitioner BS, trained SEED Facilitator, inclusion and diversity consultant, who has worked successfully and extensively with vulnerable students and families. She is often invited to travel around the world to teach ancient wisdom and practices which uplift humanity, spread compassion, protect our mother earth, waters, and expand consciousness.   Her work  draws extensively from the  rich well of  African, Caribbean, Buddhist and other indigenous traditions  Omileye is renown for helping us open our hearts and challenge the stories that no longer serve us on the journey to co-creating diverse, unified, compassionate and joyful world. She, has traveled extensively around the world blessing the sacred waterways. She along with husband Chief Olu Derrick Lewis, have co-founded organizations and projects which reflect the good works they are doing:  YeyeOsun: Institute of Compassion and Wisdom in Action, renown international Humanity for Water Awards, UNICEF Interfaith WASH Alliance (founded with other world and cultural leaders), WaterSongline (global interfaith prayer network for waters). Her work and strength of visions has been recently blessed and recognized by His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Kuten La – the Tibetan State  Oracle, whom  invited her to have a private audience with them in India  to share powerful visions and insights.  The latter who revealed he had recived the same vision and insights as Omileye  gave her husband a high level initiation and transmissions  to strengthen her work to uplift humanity and expand consciousness. Omileye has also received several ancient  distinguished African spiritual initiations, titles and roles such as Yeye Osun Olomitutu (Mother Who Heals With Cool Waters), Yeye Osun Tayese (Mother Who Mends the World), Crown of Osun (Spiritual Ambassador for Osun Embodied Feminine Wisdom), Iyalode Egbe (Mother of All Heavenly Ancestors. She is the award winner of the prestigious Prince’s Trust Award  and has a passion for working with  children, diversity  and the environment. She has just founded her own private integrative contemplative and diversity counseling practice and consultancy.


Chief Olu Derrick Lewis

Chief Olu Derrick Lewis was fascinated with ancient wisdom and cultures from a very young age. He had been nicknamed “Magic” by his friends and family members. He was known to write outstanding heartfelt poems at a very tender age, which spoke about deep philosophical issues and called on each of us to care for our Earth. His father Coach Lewis, was a renown locally, he mentored many young men in the community. His family had a tradition of building churches and schools. Chief Olu Derrick Lewis won a football scholarship to study at the prestigious Duke University from which he graduated. He went on to become an outstanding Project manager and IT Manager. He had a deep love affair of technology believing the ancients had powerful technologies which the the modern world draws upon, sometimes without realizing it.  For always at the back of his mind he was always thinking about ancient culture, history and the teachings from those cultures. In 2007 Chief Olu Derrick Lewis heard about his now wife, Yeye Omileye, and her sacred work with the environment. Soon after he heard about her, they were married. It was during this period that the Ifa Oracle of Nigeria awarded Chief Olu his chiefancy title Awo Basorun Awo (a title of supreme organizational leadership). His wife’s water and Earth stewardship has led him around the world, where he has helped hold ceremonies to honor the waters and for world peace.  He is also a master drummer and many enjoy hearing his wisdom. Chief Olu Derrick Lewis reveals, “I am deeply connected to the Divine Feminine.” He helped his wife form Yeye Osun: Institute of Four Elemental Mothers and international Humanity4Water Awards. He who has spent the last seven years with his wife, Yeye Omileye, traveling, teaching, and sharing  the ancient sacred practices and wisdom of African Earth and Water cultures around the world. A dynamic and compassionate teacher he brings forth much wisdom to all that he meets, as well as enchants them with his gift for playing the African drum. He spreads the message of returning back to a sacred, compassionate and peaceful way of living. Chief Derrick Lewis received his chieftancy in 2008.