The Ceremony Event

Join us for this powerful global ceremony Calming the Elements: Universal Four Elemental Mother Ceremony. We will honor a Mother Element once a week. You can join us from wherever you are or at main venue The Block off Biltmore, Asheville NC @ starting September 13th @ 6.30 PM. Entrance is free, can pay for Venue Vegan food . CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

The Trainings

Join our trainings, like the Four Elemental Mother Ceremony and meditation practices. Our trainings help each of us to challenge the personal and collective narrative to generate powerful new ones. We invite you to embrace practices of apology, forgiveness, love and putting right our relationship with Mother Earth, each other and all living beings.

Humanity4Water Award

Many years ago inspired by the the Osun Sacred Grove, Nigeria and artist Susan Wenger who helped to orchestrate its re-building, Yeye Omi and Chief Olu Derrick, started the Humanity4Water Awads. The award recognizes planet heroes, whose footsteps inspire us to greater compassionate action and stewardship. Award accepted by His Holiness the Dalai Lama and more