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Founded back in 2007, to nourish  the planet and each of us one element at a time


The Vision

Coming from a family of dreamers Omileye’s whole life is guided by dreams. In early 2016 she had a terrifying vision where she saw a devastating future for the world caused by catastrophic environmental disasters. Her vision led her to seek someone she did not know called The Tibetan Oracle. A hero’s journey led her to find him,  his name was Kuten La. He invited her Dharamsala, India

The Vision

Kuten La revealed he too had received the same vision as Omileye. He also confirmed she was correct he had been given the  solution to the devastation foreseen – the Four Elemental Mother Ceremony. He explained society had polluted and put the elements out of balance through our actions. He  requested that Omileye  share the vision and solution on returning home. He gave her and Olu Derrick a powerful initiation and arranged for them to have a private audience and blessing by His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

The Return

To date there have been 67 Four Elemental Mother Ceremonies held globally.  On a second meeting with Kuten La – he blessed Omileye and  asked her teach the universal form of the Four Elemental ceremony and practice she had received through meditations.  Today she is dedicated to helping us co-create powerful and healed individual and collective narratives. She teaches mindfulness, diversity, Four Elemental Mother and compassion practices alongside her husband Derrick Olu.

Meet Our Founders

Yeye Omileye and husband Olu Derrick Lewis are dedicated to lighting up the planet with  universal ancient wisdom, compassion and practices for a balanced Earth and Self.


Established in 2007 our mission is to help spread love, unity and balance on our planet and in individuals one element at a time

Yeye Omileye
Yeye Omileye

A dream changed my life and led me on my hero’s journey to help heal our planet collective and individual wounds

Olu Derrick Lewis
Olu Derrick Lewis

Growing up, I’ve always been involved in ancient traditions, star gazing and wondering about the beauty and hurt on our Earth.

Mamaki (Osun) Crowning Emanation Ceremony Updates

Film Crew

Exciting news everyone Maximillian DeArmon, Co Producer on Changing of the Gods, Producer and Co-Writer on The Future of Energy is sending a member of his crew, Aline Kras,  with us to India to capture the Mamaki (Osun) Crowning Ceremony by Kuten La – Tibetan State Oracle. Aline Kras is a gifted cinematographer and photographer.

Big Thanks

Altogether your support has helped to raise the entire $12500 for the ceremony preparations and trip to India.

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Thoughts to Feed the World


 “I have participated in many personal growth and spiritual courses and found my work with Omi beyond anything that I have ever experienced. Omi’s in depth understanding of history, ecology, psychology, and spirituality from a cross-cultural, universal perspective creates a unique formula to help us tap into the greater truths that lie within ourselves.  Through…

Dr Lynn Williams





Qualified Instructors



February Book Releases

Books by Omi will be available on Amazon, Barnes and Nobles.com and Malaprop