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 Kuten La,  Tibetan State Oracle welcomes Yeye Omileye to India to Share Urgent Visions on Condition of Planet.

Discover how both received the same urgent visions about planet condition just days apart and only knew it once they met from two different ends of the world. 

IMG_0882  _DSC1546_Dalai Lama Talking to me and family

Click here to listen to or download recording of  tele-Conference trip update

 Click here to discover more about the first  Four  Elemental Mother Ceremony to be held in Asheville Nc,  June 25th @ 6.1 5 am.   Also See others who are holding ceremony too. Share your ceremony with us.  



Honoring the Four Elemental Mothers Ceremony Updates and Sharings Teleconference

Discover more about Yeye Omileye and Chief Olu’s trip to see the Tibetan State Oracle, why we have to urgently hold  Four Elemental Mother Ceremony? How to hold a Four Elemental Mother Ceremony, about the first main Four Elemental Mother Ceremony to be held in Asheville.

Tonight, Tuesday June 21st  Teleconference @ 7 PM Pacific Time, 10 PM Eastern Time – Special guest Yeye Omileye, Chief Olu and Squi Qui – Native American Elder of the Coast Salish people. 

Thursday, Thursday June 23rd Teleconference @ 6 PM Pacific Time, 9 PM Eastern Time – Guest Yeye Omileye, Chief Olu, Jamila Signora (Sufi Master Teacher and Transpersonal Psychotherapist) and Grandmother Robin Young Blood (Founder, Church of the Earth).


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