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Honor the Four Elemental Mothers

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All Nations Together

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Walking the Prayer

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Meeting Kuten La-Tibetan Oracle

Dear friends, as many of you may know in May mine and my husband Chief Olu’s life changed when I received a strong vision about an up and coming Great Suffering coming to our Earth in the form of natural disasters because human kind was not listening to the Mother or Ancestors. Through this vision […]

Four Elemental Mother Ceremony Dates

  Four Elemental Mother Ceremonies are based on the vision Yeye Omileye received from Goddess Osun, ancestors and Venerable Thupten Ngodup. The vision was of a great suffering and the Four Elemental Mother Ceremony was the solution. The Mother Water Elemental Mother is to be the key Mother to honor. Click Here to read more […]

Four Elemental Mother Teaching Events

To help us  each honor the Four Elemental Mothers in our own powerful ways,  Yeye Omileye is committed to  organizing  teleconferences and sharings which represent an exchange of knowledge, information, ideas, energy and stories. Sharings will not be perfect, but they will be done with pure intent to support the co-creation of your individual and […]

350 Sacred Waters Joined Request Your Bottle

Through a further vision received In July 22nd it became clear that the Water Mother Element is the chief element among the Four Elemental Mothers and she was to be specially honored. Yeye Omileye shared this vision on a teleconference with others and a miracle happened, many women and some men began to send water […]