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Honor the Four Elemental Mothers

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All Nations Together

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Walking the Prayer

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Meeting Kuten La-Tibetan Oracle

Dear friends, as many of you may know in May mine and my husband Chief Olu’s life changed when I received a strong vision about an up and coming Great Suffering coming to our Earth in the form of natural disasters because human kind was not listening to the Mother or Ancestors. Through this vision […]

Four Elemental Mother Ceremony Dates

August 27th Universal Four Elemental Mother Ceremonies  Universal Four Elemental Mother Ceremony, August 27th, sunset  – main ceremony in Asheville NC. We call each of us to synchronize our prayers and ceremonies for a second time of unified ceremony and prayer to honor, give gratitude and apology to the Four Elemental Mothers.   This date […]

Four Elemental Mother Events, Teachings & Audios

To help each of us become comfortable with holding Four Elemental Mother Ceremonies, becoming the ceremony, and to continue weaving  our traditional knowledge and cultural perspectives of the Four Elemental Mothers  we have decided to provide the following teachings and support:   Breaking News Urgent Teleseminar, July 23rd, 11 PM US Eastern Time, 8 PM […]

Humanity4Water Awards Honoring our Heroes

About Us The Humanity4Water Awards began as a small seed in 2007, started by Yeye Omileye and her husband Chief Olu Derrick Lewis.  It all started with  a walk through the sacred Osun Grove in Nigeria, a World Heritage site. The desire was to  honor all seen and unseen heroes who work hard for Earth Healing. […]