Touching Story of First Funds Received For Mamaki (Female Water Buddha) Preparation


I am so touched by a beautiful sister this weekend. She walked up to me and gifted me a worn envelope at a Four Elemental Advanced Training Immersion I was holding. Then she pressed the envelope into my hand very gently and said “many years ago I was saving up for a special gold ring that I saw and had special spiritual significance. I began to put money in this envelope. Then one day I stopped saving for it but kept the money in this envelope on my shrine. I was praying this morning and I had this strong feeling this money was actually for you towards the expenses of your Mamaki – Female Water Buddha recognition preparations by Kuten La – Tibetan State Oracle.” I took the worn envelope as gently as it had been given. My eyes welled up. I said, “thank you for wanting to even contribute.” She replied, “no this is a very special moment.” So these funds I will put into my bank account and transfer into my fundraiser when I start it today or tomorrow. This even moved me and gave me more courage to keep on going.

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