Our courses are Yoga Alliance CE hours eligible

Four Elemental Mother Ceremony Practitioners Immersions

Be the Ceremony, Honoring the Four Elemental Mothers


In this two hour session of breath, chanting, inner and outer offerings you will travel around the Universal Four Elemental Mother Medicine Wheel. You will sink deep into a re-remembering of Being the Ceremony and all the different parts that make the ceremony up. You will be updated on any new additions and have the chance to share your experiences so far. We will honor the Four Elemental Mothers within and without strengthening  them  and receiving healing back from them.

Special Lecture will be given on updated Universal Four Elemental Medicine Wheel, Tree of Life, and how to use for the ceremony. Also how to introduce Four Elemental Mother Ceremony into your community. This is an important time for you to renew your practice.  H

Date: New Moon – February  Sunday 18th 2018

Time:  10 am – 12 noon EST

Location: Online

Cost: $125

For: Four Elemental Certified Ceremony Practitioners

Yoga Alliance CE Hours: You can apply for Yoga Alliance Hours on completion of this course.

Special Note: All Ceremony Practitioners must complete two immersions for 2018

Register: Contact Omileye@yeyeosun.com


Four Elemental Mother Breath Work Practitioners Immersions

Be the Ceremony: Healing Through the Four Elemental Mothers


You will be fully immersed in all you have learned from your course breath work and healing experience. We will journey  through healing our inner child and Earth’s energies using breath, organ healing, and emotional transformational techniques. We will journey through a new mask of your creation, so you can see your progress to date.  We will be reminded how to help someone understand their Elemental Mother imbalance and how to create a healing routine for them.

Date: New Moon, February Sunday 18th 2018

Time: 9 PM – 11.30 PM EST

Location: Online

For: For Certified Four Elemental Mother Breath work

Yoga Alliance CE Hours: This course is eligible for you to apply for Yoga Alliance Hours

Cost: $125

Register: Contact Omileye@yeyeosun.com



Immersions for All

New Moon Be The Ceremony: Honoring the Four Elemental Mothers

Free Online


This partial new moon eclipse marks big shifts in our planet and self. Let’s prepare for 2018 by holding  inner and outer ceremony together for benefit of our earth, self and loved ones. Together we will journey through breath, mantra, inner and outer offerings to strengthen Four Elemental Mothers of all cultures and their energy which exist within us. We will honor: Osun, Tara,  Kali, Oya, Yemanja, Lakshmi,  Tara, and all the Mothers. Together we will release trauma patterns of our Earth, collective and individual self.

Date: New Moon Eclipse Thursday February 15th

Time: 9 PM – 10.30 PM

For: Everyone

Facilitator: Yeye Omileye and Awo Olu Derrick Lewis

Register by contacting Omileye@yeyeosun.com

Yoga Alliance: On Completion of this course you can apply for Yoga Alliance Hours



Me Too#, Yoga and Shamanistic Paths to Female Ancestral Healing



The female ancestral lineage in all cultures have suffered terrible abuses at the hands of patriarchy. Women today carry these wounds spiritually, psychologically and emotionally. Men carry these wounds of having their stronger more spiritual definition of manhood denied to them. Mother Earth and our children suffer even deeper, as our young girls and boys inherit destructive patterns. This course is about breaking the patterns, healing the wounds and empowering the rise of the feminine principle and her pathway of wholeness.

In this course you will discover:

  • Current rise of Me Too and abused Goddess
  • Gender and Female Trauma – how to heal to  identify and heal systemic trauma of patriarchy
  • Healing male and female relationships
  • Spiritual Colonialism, suppression of the Dark Mother and destruction of female ancestral lineage
  • Four Elemental Mothers – as the Ancestresses of the world, form, function, pathway and symbols they guide us to.
  • Egbe: Your personal circle of ancestors – who and what they are
  • Personal Ancestors: Healing and connecting with  individual,  and family lineage
  • Setting up ancestral alter
  • Communicating with Ancestors
  • Working with ancestors through Breath work
  • Dreams and ancestors
  • We will hold a Four Elemental Mother Female Ancestral Healing Ceremony

Time: New Moon: Wednesday February 14th 2018, 9 PM – 12 PM

Cost: $300

Location: Online

Eligible: Women

You will receive:

Register: contact omileye@Yeyeosun.com

Yoga Alliance CE Hours: On completion of this course you can apply for Yoga Alliance hours.