What is the Four Elemental Mother Ceremony

Four Elemental Mother Ceremonies helps us to Become the Ceremony.  Together we will balance our environment, humanity, inner and outer worlds through gratitude, forgiveness, love. We will journey through transformation with universal  prayer breath work, chants, inner and outer offerings, vision quests – helping  us heal the  the universal Four Elemental Mothers within and without. To date there have been 67 Four Elemental Mother Ceremonies worldwide.

How to Hold Your Own Ceremony

  • Honor the Four Elemental Mothers of: Water, Earth, Fire, and Air in your own unique way.
  • For the ceremony often use a Four Elemental Mother Universal Medicine Wheel  (this is based on the Universal Medicine Wheel shared by Grandmother Robin Youngblood and developed for the purpose of the Four Elemental Practice by Yeye Omi). You can get creative with how you incorporate the Four Elemental Mother Universal Medicine Wheel into  your practice. For the purpose of the ceremony can arrange your ceremony in  the shape of a universal medicine wheel or you can have the universal medicine wheel integrated and present in your ceremony in the middle.  Always visualize yourself in  a  Four Elemental Mother Universal Medicine Wheel.
  • Have fruit and flower offerings for your ceremony. This is a way of showing gratitude for all that has been received from Mother nature herself.
  • Sage is a good addition for cleansing and welcoming in the divine connection with the inner and outer world.
  • Having water present is important.  Water has a very central powerful role of  being able to help us calm, mirror, and communicate with our  our inner and outer worlds. Scientist call it the most mysterious element on Earth and ancient traditions call it the most sacred.
  • In your ceremony you can give inner and outer offerings. The inner offerings is giving up something you need to let go off and visualizing many people giving this up at the same time. Your outer offering are your fruit, songs, gratitude prayers etc.
  • Remember your everyday actions are an offering of compassion and love to the world. Pick up the trash, say thank you to the water you are using etc.
  • Discover how to really root and sink deep into the Four Elemental Ceremony by doing our Four Elemental Mother Ceremony Certificate Course and our Four Elemental Mother Breathwork Certificate Course. 

The origins of Four Elemental Mother Ceremony and Practice

  • Yeye Omileye was tasked to bring the universal Four Elemental Mother Practice back to humanity by Osun, ancestors and Kuten La – Tibetan State Oracle
  • Yeye Omileye began to teach  the Four Elemental Mother Ceremony after deep visions of unusally large disasters coming to Earth and great suffering being caused. Her vision led her to seek Kuten La Tibetan State Oracle, who invited her and her husband Olu Derrick Lewis to Dharmsala India to see him. He verified her vision and revealed two days  before they had arrived he had received the same vision. He also said her vision was accurate – he had the solution which was to engage in the Four Elemental Mother Ceremony where  apologies, love and gratitude were to be given to the Four Elemental Mothers. The Four Elemental Mothers of Earth, Water, Fire, and Air were being polluted by humanity.
  • As a result of her visions Kuten La arranged for Yeye Omileye and her husband to receive private blessings from His Holiness the Dalai Lama. A few months after meeting Kuten La, Yeye Omileye met him for a second time in the US this time and he blessed her to teach the universal Four Elemental Ceremony and practice that had returned through her.


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