The dream that warned, my commitment to continue to spread the vision


I had a strong clear dream two nights ago at 5 am, where everyone was going about their daily lives, and those who knew they should have been honoring the Four Elemental Mothers had stopped. Everyone in the dream thought the impending disaster had subsided. In the dream the rivers were very calm and suddenly they rose to hundreds of feet high. People tried to run, hide and escape but there was no where to go. As the rivers rose there was one collective thought, “I wish we had continued to take the message from the ancestors and mother seriously.” In the dream I cried for Osun to please stop the waters from rising and suddenly the rivers temporarily subsided. I woke up from this dream knowing I had just received a warning to share. I therefore am doubling my commitment to continue to share the vision and solution received by myself and Kuten La-The Tibetan State Oracle. My prayer is that this becomes our normal way of existence and we become the ceremony. As SquiQui Swinomish elder shared with me, “This is a call to urgently return back to what all the elders have been talking about all these years and over the many visions – it is a call to return back to the natural ancient order of life.”

As a result of the warning from the dream and with the third call to Four Elemental Mother Ceremony coming up, I have decided to put on another free teleconference called Be the Ceremony: Four Elemental Mother Prep workshop. lt will be Sunday October 9th from 9 PM – 10 Pm Eastern Time. We will discover how to take the Four Elemental Mother Ceremony onto the next level where we become the ceremony, cover the astrological energies for this month, how to prepare for the ceremony internally through the Four Elemental Mother Tree of Life Meditation Meditation called Neberdjer Zhi, further tips how to prepare our ceremonial space and a sharing of our collective visions and dreams.

To register for free teleconference just e-mail me at You can also visit Events Teaching page.

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