Spiritual Mission to Meet Tibetan State Oracle

Be Part of the Vision

Yeye Omileye Meets Kuten La, Tibetan State Oracle, In India to Share Urgent Vision About State of Our Planet

There is a Great Suffering Coming and  We Must Hold the Four Elemental Mother Ceremony to Subdue It 


Background to Trip

_DSC1546_Dalai Lama Talking to me and familyDear friends, as you know recently in May 2016 I had an intense experience where I received urgent messages and insights about the condition of our planet. The urgent messages were from the great Yoruba Water and Universal Mother Osun and ancestors about a great suffering that is coming to humanity as a result of the way we are treating our Earth. I was led by these experiences, my elder African Priest in Nigeria and the Ifa oracle to share these messages with the Venerhable Thupten Ngodup, the Tibetan State Oracle. There seemed to be no time to waste, I was told I must go to India immediately.

My days were a blur as I was left wondering how on earth to fulfill this mission. Through meditation and prayers miraculously three blessed people, helped me to gain an appointment with His Venerable Thupten Ngodup – who is also more popularly known as Kuten La.  Once contacted, I waited patiently to see if he would be available and willing to have this meeting. Eventually Kuten La, granted myself and my husband a meeting to see him.

Once gaining the appointment with Kuten La, the second step of this Hero’s Journey was to raise the funds to make the trip. This seemed like quite a Herculean impossible one, as there were only ten days to raise all the funds. There were many times I almost gave up on ever seeing Venerable Thupten Ngodup, the Tibetan State Oracle. For I had to raise travel funds and expenses for myself, my husband Chief Olu Derrick Lewis and our five year old daughter whom we could not leave behind. Yet with your loving support a miracle happened and all the money was raised within the ten day limit.

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Meeting Kuten La and Urgent Messages to Emerge

IMG_0984Arriving in Dharamsala India was like a dream. It is so strange to realize I had followed the call of the Hero’s Journey and actually made this trip happen with the loving support of so many others. Dharamsala is known as little Tibet and it was bursting with colors, smells, mantras, compassion and spirituality. Immediately myself and my husband Olu sensed we had done the right thing, don’t matter how difficult the journey had been to get there. Especially when we discovered the dates we traveled were highly auspicious, for we had traveled in a month called Saka Dawa. It was the month Buddha had been born, enlightened and died. Not only had we traveled in the most auspicious month, we were told that we had traveled in the most auspicious week.


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Honoring the Four Elemental Mothers Ceremonies

Prayer Bundle created and blessed by Caitlyn Flynn for Asheville NC Four Elemental Mother Ceremony

Prayer Bundle created and blessed by Caitlyn Flynn for Asheville NC Four Elemental Mother Ceremony

First Call to Ceremony: Thirty Held Around the World

June 25th 2016, Sunset

After weeks of meditating on how to hold the ceremonies to honor the Four Elemental Mothers Ceremony, I eventually received inner instructions. I was guided that there should be one main ceremony that should be multi-faith and there should also be supporting ceremonies around the world. The main ceremony was to be held on June 25th at  sunrise 6.15 am. I latter was reminded that this date was in perfect alignment with Summer Solstice week and it was also a Naga Puja (offering) day.  The catch in it all is that our divination only gave us one week to pull everything together and to inform everyone. But somehow by guided grace. Myself and Olu were shocked at how many people stepped forward to help at such short notice.

We held the main Honoring Four Elemental Mother Ceremony in Asheville NC, Sacred Circle Sanctuary, while up to 30 supporting ceremonies were held world wide!


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Second Call to Ceremony

reiki II2August 27th  2016, Sunset

We have received the call to hold second main Four Elemental Mother Ceremony. Central one will be in Asheville NC and we call on you to synchronize our potent energies together, and to  you hold supporting ceremonies.

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List of Four Elemental Mother Ceremonies Being Held Around the World


Four Elemental Mother Ceremony, Asheville NC, Sacred Circle Sanctuary. Pic by John Leonard

Tell us about your Four Elemental Mother private, small group or large group group ceremomny and we will list it and activities you are doing honor the Four Elemental Mothers

Click Here to See List for Four Elemental Mother Ceremonies. To have  your event listed contact omileye@yeyeosun.com








Four Elemental Mother Ceremony Structure and Protocols

water flower

  • Let’s join together in daily or weekly individual, small group or large group prayers, small ceremonies etc.
  • Let’s also gather  to hold monthly Four Elemental Mother ceremonies and prayers.
  • Together we will answer the call to hold main multicultural ceremonies when oracle gives us dates and direction.
  • Remember that you are the ceremony. Engage in Four Elemental Mother meditation and contemplative practice to balance the Elemental Mothers within.


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Four Elemental Mother Ceremony Tele-Seminar Events

woman oracle praying

Four Elemental Mother TeleSummit

Sunday  July 31st 2016, 4- 7 PM Eastern Time

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To register contact Omileye@yeyeosun.com












Four Elemental Mother Ceremony Training

Diwali-candles-oil-lamp-lights-India-holiday-Festival-of-Lights-peacock-indian-tiles-via-inmagine-via-Google-image-searchIntensive Facilitator Training

This online intensive training has been spiritually led and guided by the many e-mails requesting it. This training is specifically for those who want deeper guidance and support in holding the Four Elemental Ceremony.

Saturday August 6th – Sunday August 7th 2016  

4 PM – 8 PM Eastern Time 

Love Donation $150 ( sliding scale available for those who want to 

For more information contact omileye@yeyeosun.com

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Four Elemental Mother Three Part Series 

To be held at OM Sanctuary. This is open to all who would like to connect and honor the Four Elemental Mothers as a personal practice. Date soon to be announced




Free Four Elemental Mother Audio Downloads


  • Yeye Omileye’s Teleconference Spiritual Mission  Update to Visit Kuten La – Tibetan State Oracle in India
  • Four Elemental Mother Ceremony Structure, teleconference recording, Part I  – Yeye Omileye, Chief Olu Derrick Lewis and SquiQui (Ray Williams) – Will be available soon 
  • Four Elemental Mother Ceremony Structure, teleconference recording, Part II  – Yeye Omileye, Chief Olu Derrick Lewis and Grandmother Robin Youngblood – Will be available soon

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Thank you. Together we are doing this!

For more information, to share with others about your Four Elemental Mother Ceremonies, prayers, dreams etc. Please feel free to e-mail me on 0mileye@yeyeosun.com 


Remember to Honor the Four Elemental Mothers every prayer, every action, every group gathering is a ceremony