It feels as though I have been researching my next book: Return of the Black Madonna for ever, to date  It has been three years precisely. Every time it feels as though I am nearing the finish line – another bunch of stuff comes up for me to follow the lead on, dissect and analyse.The amount of material is profuse and overwhelming. Yet the thing that keeps on coming up over and over again from swimming in Her waters  – is the narrative we have all been told. It’s grip is tighter than most of think and can even fathom.

I have been writing pieces on Spiritual Colonialism for the last few months now. It has often felt like spirit is guiding my hands when I write. The other day it dawned on me that the waters of Spiritual Colonialism goes even deeper than I anticipated. I am beginning to realize Spiritual Colonialism speaks to a deliberate attempt to obscure and subjugate large majorities of people’s and nations so that the danger of a single story can be dominate our collective societies and minds.

The deeper I swim in the Black Madonna’s waters is the more I have become aware she is ready to dash aside the collective narrative  which was birthed through the father’s of  Spiritual Colonialism. We all may cheer her as she does so, even say, “I am with you”, but when we realize that many of the stories we carry ourselves are embedded deep within the bosom of Spiritual Colonialism – our cheers may grow weaker our support non existent. For instance, are you willing and ready to dash aside the myth of Atlantis that has been used for centuries to undermine the achievements of great nations like Africa? No I didn’t think so. Yet the truth is the myth of Atlantis has been used to write Africa  and other nations out of the history books for a long time – this is a known fact by many social historians. There is also the myth of Thanks Giving Day, which is more a Day of Mourning for Native Americans. Yet when I told my seven year old this, she stood with her eyes wide with disbelief. Why? Because she was still learning a Thanks Giving Day myth at school. I use these examples to show how we live, eat and propagate the illusion filled world of Spiritual Colonialism everyday. Its not our fault – we are the babies of colonialism and its subjugating dialogue. Even though colonialism is over, its narrative and effects on our Earth are not.

The Black Madonna challenges me everyday to walk with courage, as she brings forward THE collective narrative buried deep within her symbols. I have to go beyond the question which often weakens my steps – will any of us really change when called to,  so our world can? She often makes me know I have to walk forward bravely knowing she’s got this – she is rising in all her faces, across all the nations, in all her Mother Elemental forms – and she is changing the narrative and world whether we are willing to swim through her waters with her or not. On a final note I just want to share something Joseph Campbell said, “But as Joseph Campbell says, “we are free falling into the future onto broken symbols.” In other words we have to embrace the collective within our Mother’s symbols.