Gift of Sacred Water

A phenomena occurred as a continuation of visions shared between Yeye Omi and Kuten La – Tibetan State Oracle where water was confirmed to be the central element for the Universal Four Elemental Mother Ceremonies.   In July 2017 over 350 sacred waters were sent from all over the world to be mixed with source water of the sacred Osun River, Nigeria. The waters were then sent back to each person who sent the waters and also to those who requested these waters. The waters can be used for Four Elemental Mother Ceremonies, other ceremonies such as water blessings, prayer sessions, and healing. The waters have been specially blessed by Yeye Omi and Kuten La – Tibetan State Oracle.

What the waters represent

The collected combined waters represent a message and unified  prayer of love, oneness, right relations with our Mother Earth, Waters and all living things.

Request your bottle of water

Cost: Free Gift, only $5 for shipping, packaging and handling

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Osun Sacred Water Pot Initiation

Yeye Omi is humbled that she can offer this ancient and sacred initiation to those who are wishing to support their spiritual, social justice and earth work. This is not a full initiation but is an  initiation that is available to anyone from any tradition. Through this initiation you receive the ashe of Osun, the Yoruba Mother Goddess of love, beauty and wisdom.

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