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Another private meeting to share visions with Kuten La – Tibetan State Oracle and more strange and big Four Elemental Mother movements

A month ago I had further urgent visions connected to the first and a command from Osun which told me I had to go back to see Kuten La – The Tibetan State – to share these visions, personally update and give thanks for the Four Elemental Mothers solution to the world’s “Great Suffering” coming.

Initially I was hesitant to follow this vision, as I had no money to go to India again, did not think it would be even possible to do another fund raiser, and definitely did not think I would be able to have another private visit with Kuten La – The Tibetan State Oracle.Yet, the visions and command from Osun would not let up until I eventually braved it and contacted Kuten La – Tibetan State Oracle with little hope of a reply from his monastery.

Well several miracles were to follow: The monastery contacted me back almost immediately to tell me Kuten La – Tibetan State Oracle was traveling and they would let him know my message. I thought, “of course they will forget about me.” But a few weeks latter Kuten La – Tibetan State Oracle did get back in touch with me and said he would like to grant me a personal audience to see me and I did not have to go to India, I could see him in the United States.

I was like “wow, this is a amazing Kuten La – Tibetan State Oracle was going to be in the states.” What was even more amazing was that he was going to be here in October holding a huge ceremony to clear negatives and the last two days of the ceremony was the date the third international call to hold Four Elemental Mother Ceremony, with the central ceremony being in New Mexico with Grandmother Flordemayo.

In the midst of my wow I was like, “where is the money coming from”. For New Mexico to hold ceremony with Grandmother Flordemayo would be a financial struggle to get to and so would San Francisco to see Kuten La – The Tibetan State Oracle. Now I had a double financial struggle as these dates fell in the same period which meant double the flying.

After hearing about Kuten La – Tibetan State Oracle’s invite to have private audience with him, I mentioned it in passing to a dear sister I only know by phone and have never met before. Two weeks latter we were on the phone speaking and she said, “you know I got a very strong message that I should give you help to see Kuten La, I think the message was from Mama Osun. The message told me that I should help to alleviate any stress you may be having about seeing him.” What was interesting is that this dear sister had no idea that I was stressed about the idea, she only knew that Kuten La – Tibetan State Oracle had invited me to have private audience with him.

When the dear sister offered to pay for me to go to India, I almost cried. When I told her Kuten La would be in United States, she replied, “whether you have to see him in US or India, I will help you.” So the October miracle was that this dear sister has paid for myself, and my husband Chief Olu Derrick Lewis to go to both San Francisco and New Mexico, because the cost of both of us, was the cost of going to India. I felt myself shaking with tears of deep gratitude to this dear sister and Mother Osun.

I also knew something powerful was moving when the place I work as a psychotherapists happen to have a holiday week of in the very week I was going to see Kuten La-Tibetan State Oracle.

So now I will be spending three days in ceremony at Kuten La’s Nechung Monastery in USA and having a private audience with him. Then I and Chief Olu will fly straight to New Mexico landing to hold Four Elemental Mother Ceremony with Grandmother Flordemayo. I mean literally. The day we arrive in New Mexico will be October 15th, is the date of the international call for Four Elemental Mother Ceremony.

As I look over the month of October, I realized that the Four Elemental Mothers are definitely moving for out of the blew, Grandmother Robin Youngblood a Cherokee Elder from Washington State called and said she was coming down to Asheville. While she was down here she wanted to hold a Sacred Pipe Ceremony. What is interesting it is her Universal Medicine Wheel we use for the Four Elemental Mother Ceremonies. After speaking to Grandmother Robin Youngblood she graciously agreed to share teachings on the Four Elementals (Mothers) in her Sacred Pipe Ceremony. This will be held in Asheville September 30th at 6 PM.
Straight after coming back from seeing Kuten La and Grandmother Flordemayo, in fact the weekend of October 22nd have been asked to help to open the 1000 Goddesses Gathering in Washington DC organized by Mare Cromwell. Also to to hold a Four Elemental Ceremony there. Then straight after on October 30th there is a Four Elemental Mother Water Blessing at the ancient French Broad River, to mark the end of the second series of my Four Elemental Mother Teachings at OM Sanctuary in Asheville NC. The blessing will give thanks to the river, Mother Osun, all the other Elemental Mothers and send healing to the rivers of the world. And of course myself and Chief Olu will be holding the last week of online Four Elemental Mother Teachings, October 2nd.


Oh and if to seal everything. Received an amazing beautiful largeĀ amber crystal skull through the post from a dear sister from Alabama, who attended the central second international call to Four Elemental Mother Ceremony, Asheville NC. Thank you dear Deborah Carter for this amazing precious gift.


Summary of Four Elemental Mother Happenings for October:

September 30th
Sacred Pipe Ceremony: Universal Medicine Wheel and Four Elemental Teachings
led by Grandmother Robin Youngblood, Cherokee Elder. Location: Asheville NC

October 2nd
Online Four Elemental Mother Ceremony Teachings
last teaching of series. Location: Online.

Week of October 10th
Private Audience with Kuten La State Oracle. Location: US

October 15th, full moon weekend
Third Call to hold Four Elemental Mother Ceremonies
Central Ceremony will be in New Mexico with Grandmother Flordemayo. Japanese Shaman Kazumi and Japenese healer Akiko will fly down from Japan for this ceremony. Location: New Mexico.

October 22nd
1000 Goddesses Gathering
Organized by Mare Cromwell, this event will be opened with a prayer by Yeye Omileye and will have a Four Elemental Mother Water Blessing. Location: Washington DC.


October 30th
Four Elemental Mother Water Blessing, French Broad River
This will mark the end of the second series of Four Elemental Mother teachings at OM sanctuary held by Yeye Omileye and Chief Olu Derrick Lewis. Location: French Broad River, Asheville NC

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Ashe, Aho, Namaste, Amen, Om Ah Benza Guru Pedme Siddhi Hung

Yeye Omileye