A phenomena occurred as a continuation of visions shared between Yeye Omi and Kuten La – Tibetan State Oracle where water was confirmed to be the central element for the Universal Four Elemental Mother Ceremonies.   In July 2017 over 350 sacred waters were sent from all over the world to be mixed with source water of the sacred Osun River, Nigeria. The waters were then sent back to each person who sent the waters and also to those who requested these waters. The waters can be used for Four Elemental Mother Ceremonies, other ceremonies such as water blessings, prayer sessions, and healing. The waters have been specially blessed by Yeye Omi and Kuten La – Tibetan State Oracle.

Request your bottle of water

There is no charge, except postage and handling,  for the small vials of water.

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How to Receive Joined Waters

  1. Send an e-mail to omileye@yeyeosun.com
  2. Send $5 for postage and package


How to Send Water

  1. Send an e-mail to omileye@yeyeosun.com
  2. You will receive an address to send the waters


How to Use the Water

  1. when you have received your bottle of water you can use it as a seed water.
  2. Drop few drops of your received Four Elemental Waters  into a bigger quantity of water
  3. Gift, pour into rivers etc. the water you combined with your seed water


List of Waters Sent and Joined 

Osun Sacred River Water from Osun Sacred River Festival (Nigeria) – YeyeOmileye Achikeobi-Lewis
Blessed prayer water (India) – gifted from Kuten La – Tibetan Oracle’s Nechung Monastery
Ganga Water – Gifted from Steve Nelson (may his spirit smile on this)
Japenese sacred waters and Amazon waters – Kazumi
Calling All Nations Waters (world wide locations)- Darlene, CSS
Mount Mitchell (North Carolina, US) and world combination waters- Yona Frenchawk
Serpent Mound Water (Ohio, US) –
Sun Mountain (Pike Peak) (Colorado, US) – Jennifer Hopper
sacred lava cave of Big Island Hawai water-Dawn Ferguson
Hickory Nut Creek (US) – Jane Lawson
Combination waters (US/Worldwide) – Mare Cromwell
Waters from 150 locations – Dawn Ferguson
Lake Manas sarovar (Tibet) – Anthe Willow Kelly
Crater Lake (Oregon, US) – Sharon Ledbetter
Arctic Ice Water (Canada) – Reverend Carmen Lacey
Crimson Lake Water (Canada) – Sonja Marcinek-Bieri
Rhine Water (Netherlends), Elisabeth Meer
Green Tara Sand Mandala (Atlanta, US) – Angela Bennett
Mallard Lake (Charlotte, US) – Claudia Pureco
Black Mountain(US) – Gail Bromer
Nusta Flat Greek (US) Marna Robin Youngblood
World Wide waters gifted from 23 women and blessed by 40 more – sent byEleni Nicholas Deitz
Colombia River (Anita Hyatt)
Sacred waters- Lori Chelini McDaniels
Angela Bennett – Green Tara Sand Mandala
Wendy Lynn Gardner and Tika Vales Caldwell-Water from Medina Malta, Kumba Mela India, Malaga Spain, Belguim, Delphi Greece, Norway, France
Valerie Hausmann – Ganga River, India
Nicoletta Argyropoulos – Greece
RaMa – Chalice Well
David Metz- waters from Mount Mitchell
Shelli Stanback – waters from Mississippi Head Jennifer Waterstar Hensiek
Heidi Fiscus – Waters from Roaring Falls
Shaea Psaila – Waters from Yarra River Australia
Viciki, Donna and their mother – water from Tennessee
Lisa Wilkerson Sterling – waters from across America and world including New Mexico, Pugget Sound, Boise River, Canada, and Mexico
Sister from Scotland – waters from Loch Shiel Scotland
Tina Schwickert – waters from Ganga, Lourdes and Mount Shasta