I am going to admit, after the initial joining of some of each of the 350 waters I received from waterways all over the world, different peoples and cultures – the waters have been languishing in boxes (especially since I moved). Of course, that is no way to treat all the efforts people went through and sacred waters. Somehow the spirits knew that too and during a specially deep meditation this morning I received a very strong message that kicked me up the …..and made me join the waters together, not just some but every last drop. I did so with a very full heartfelt ceremony with myself, hubbie and little girl. We did a ceremony at home and completed it as the Frenchbroad river in the downpour of the rain and gushing of the ancient waters of this river. I thought I was going to hate being there in the storming rain, but there was something serene, peaceful and satisfying about the whole experience. No one else was around, as to be expected – just me, Olu and our little girl. Well no one but the full presence of spirit. We poured prayers of gratitude, love and apologies into the waterways topped with honey and an abundant offering of fruit, flowers and rice milk. I know the spirits were happy, especially Osun and the Naga Spirits of the waters. We went home hugging each other and feeling completely renewed in our love and commitment to spirit and doing good by our Mother Earth and Waters.

Now I have ordered the bottles to put the waters in, they will be available as a free gift for anyone who wants one knowing they have just partaken in One Love.