Messages from Humanity4Water Awardees

louie-psihoyos-interview_largePowerful compassionate messages from powerful compassionate heroes. Ask yourself the question, “what if I could be a hero too, what would I do?”





His All Holiness Patriarch Bartholomew Message

His All Holiness Patriach Bartholomew Accpetance letter


Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Message to the Children

“I believe, like so many others, that you are all our future,” Tutu wrote. “It is my deep wish that you all will realize you
are special and powerful beyond measure. There are many great things that each of you can do to help us
all live in a happy and peaceful world.”


Captain Paul Watson, Co-Founder of Green Peace and Founder of Sea Shepherds

Message to the Children

“Know that everything you are told is impossible is actually possible”


Jeremy Narby, Anthropologist and Author

Message to the children at Humanity4Water Award Party

“It is possible for one organization or even one person to make a difference,” he said. “It takes one step after another, 20,000 steps, no highlights and no awards, just doing it. You can really make a difference if you go about it this way. Our ambition should not be about saying, ‘Hey baby, look at what I have got, but look at what I know.’”


 Louie Psihoyos, Excutive Director, Oceanic Preservation

“We need to care for the environment. The challenge is that it is hard to make green algae cuddly.”