H4W Awards

Humanity4Water Awards

We were founded in 2007 in the quiet lush of  Nigerian  Sacred Osun Grove World Heritage Site. The deep music of her flowing waters, and rustling leaves penetrated the hearts of our founders Yeye Omi and Awo Olu Derrick Lewis. With that whispering seed our founders felt inspired to to honor planet heroes  and to allow their footsteps to inspire us all.  Susan Wenger, the Austrian artist who helped rebuild the Sacred Osun Grove was one of their first awardees. Awardees who has been awarded and accepted their awards include: President Barrack Obama,  Vice President Al Gore, His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Archbishop Desmond Tutu Wangari Maathai founder of Green Belt Movement, Captain Paul Watson Co-founder of Green Peace and Founder of Sea Shepherds, Louie Psyihoyos founder of Oceanic Preservation society and many more.