To help us  each honor the Four Elemental Mothers  and become the ceremony for the  benefit of a healed Earth, humanity and all sentient beings  Yeye Omileye is committed to  organizing  teleconferences and sharings which represent an  intercultural exchange of knowledge, information, ideas, energy and stories.


Four Elemental Mother Ceremony Certification Training

April 9th to June 4th 2017, 5 PM Eastern Time

Held on a  Sunday 

9 Weeks Online Training   &  Weekend Immersion

We are each part of the Elemental balance of life. In both African, Tibetan and other indigenous cultures these Elements  are the sustaining essence  and building block of everything in life from our thoughts, emotions, our veins, our bodies, earth, rivers, birds and animals.

Today we have become out of balance with the Elements, who are referred to as the Elemental Mothers in many traditional cultures. These Mothers are the Great Mothers, and Grandmothers who created all life. In traditional cultures these Elemental Mothers must be honored in order for life to continue. They become upset when we pollute their waters, earth, fire and air. Honoring them also  occurs when our every action becomes a prayer.

Traditional Societies believe that  living in balance with the Elemental Mothers generates happiness, peace, balance and compassion on Earth.

Through this training you will learn how to embrace and become one with the Four Elemental Mother through learning to embody inner and outer ceremony. At the end you will know how To Be The Ceremony and also do larger community ceremonies if so desired.



How to register and pay: contact

Payment: $450 (Please do not make money a reason why you do not do this. We operate a sliding scale, just e-mail to discuss).