Four Elemental Mother Teaching Events

To help us  each honor the Four Elemental Mothers in our own powerful ways,  Yeye Omileye is committed to  organizing  teleconferences and sharings which represent an exchange of knowledge, information, ideas, energy and stories. Sharings will not be perfect, but they will be done with pure intent to support the co-creation of your individual and group  ceremony. They will represent various cultural and spiritual perspectives . We welcome the teachings and sharings from every person, for we all have a piece to this great puzzle.


Walking With the Mother – Blessing the Ori

Thursday April 13th, 9 PM

Walking With the Mother-Blessing the Ori Teachings is tonight at 9 PM EST. If you are interested in keeping with the path of walking with the Mother, keeping in tune with your destiny in these dark times, and balancing your inner consciousness, I welcome you to join this teaching session and discover this ancient African way. You will experience a simple Ori blessing, discover how to do it and teachings regarding the Ori (Consciousness) and the Great Mother’s connection to the Ori and destiny. Just send me a message if you are interested. The cost of the teachings for tonight have been reduced to $75.

Cost of teachings $75

Thursday 13th  9  PM EST

Register by sending e-mail to




Four Elemental Mother Ceremony Advanced Practitioner Certification Training

April 9th to June 4th 2017, 5 PM Eastern Time

Held on a  Sunday 

9 Weeks Online Training   &  Weekend Immersion

The Four Elemental Mother Ceremony  helps us to return to rightful  relations with the All and the Great Dark Divine Feminine, whom all the divine Mothers belong to.  As we engage in this ceremony, where Water is the chief element,  we actually enter a profound state of Becoming the Ceremony itself. The Four Elemental Mother Ceremony emerged from visionary messages received from  Yeye Omileye and Kuten La, The Tibetan State Oracle – where it was warned mankind was in danger of facing  a  Great Suffering. The Four Elemental Mother Ceremony was the solution to the Great Suffering. This Ceremony helps us to enter a place of extreme collective, individual, deep healing as we offer inner and outer offerings of apologies, love, gratitude and  clearing of karmic traces.

The Four Elemental Mother Ceremony Advanced Training is for anyone who wants to effectively offer up apology, love, gratitude to the Four Elemental Mothers, while guiding self and others into a state of deep healing and renewed balance. It is also for anyone who wants to know how to  hold this ceremony and weave it into their own cultural knowledge. This ceremonial learning will imbue you with deep knowledge of the Divine Mother lineage, and the guiding Ashe (mystic power) of the Elemental Mothers whom many traditions call the Grandmothers, Wisdom Mothers, Female Buddhas.

On completion of this training you will receive a Four Elemental Mother Ceremony Advanced Practitioner Certificate,  listing on the website as a practitioner, have the ability to lead collective and individual ceremonies, have a profound knowledge and understanding of the Four Elemental Mothers and their lineage that will put you into ancient right relations, and a deepened way of being in the world. You will Be the Ceremony.

You will also receive:

  • Online training materials
  • Weekly group training with Yeye Omileye and Chief Olu
  • Access to personal Facebook Forum


How to register and pay: contact

Payment: $450 (Please do not make money a reason why you do not do this. We operate a sliding scale, just e-mail to discuss).