The Universal Four Elemental Mother Ceremony was birthed from a shared vision between Yeye Omileye and Kuten La – Tibetan State Oracle, which resulted in the latter asking Yeye Omileye to begin to spread the Four Elemental Mother Ceremony in the West as the solution to averting the present suffering and future even greater suffering humanity is experiencing.

The visions shared by the two jointly revealed the ancestors and Mother energy was  upset with humanity’s actions which are abusing our Earth and resources and humanity should return back to the sacred way of doing things. This revelation was given by Yeye Omileye. Kuten La revealed that the Four Elemental Mother’s were upset and requested the Four Elemental Ceremony as a solution to humanity’s suffering and creating world peace.

The Four Elemental Mother Ceremony helps us to return back to sacred balance within our own lives, actions and with the Four primordial Mother Elements which sustain all of life. These Elemental Mothers in their most subtle form represent the very energy that created and sustains everything in the universe. They are the universal wise compassionate energy within each of us. In their denser form they are represented in the outward forms of everything. This is why in the Four Elemental Mother Ceremony is an action where you Become the Ceremony. It is an inward way of living and an outward way of honoring.

Four Elemental Mother honors our relationship with all the Mother Elements, with Water being the central Mother Element of the Ceremony.

As taught and led by Yeye Omi the Four Elemental Mother Ceremony is universal in nature interweaving sacred ways of praying and becoming together.

In 2016 over 62 Four Elemental Mother Ceremonies were held worldwide.


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