How the Call to Ceremony Originated

Yeye’s Omileye’s Vision About State of World and Historic Meeting in India With Kuten La – State Medium of Tibetan Oracle

In May 2016 when I saw Kuten La the Tibetan Oracle, the Four Elemental Mother Ceremony  was birthed from the urgent vision  I received in  April 16th 2016. In my intense  trance experience Osun showed me  a vision of a huge suffering coming to the earth because no one was listening to the ancestors or mother. I was directed that I  must urgently go to see “the Oracle of the Tibetan People” because he had the solution to this problem. My elder and the Ifa Oracle in Nigeria confirmed through divination that this was the case. After a great hero’s journey of stepping into my fear, anxieties and vulnerabilities my  husband Chief Olu Derrick Lewis and I  were invited to have audience with Kuten La – The Tibetan State Oracle.

We  had ten days to raise the money to make the trip to India. Miraculously money and heartfelt messages and donations started to pour in. These messages and donations gave me the strength I needed to keep on going. I Suddenly felt as though thousands of people were walking with me and Something even more amazing happened, once I  arrived in India and shared her visions with Kuten La, he  revealed two days before he had seen me, the Nechung Oracle (whom he manifest)  spoke to the monks and Tibetan people and delivered the same message. The message was delivered with the same level of force which had catapulted Yeye Omileye to India. He shared the Nechung Oracle also said that there was a great suffering coming to Earth because of mankind’s behavior of continuing to pollute  the four elements. He said the suffering would come in the form of huge tsunamis and earthquakes.  Kuten La also said, “Osun was right, the  Nechung Oracle had the solution to alleviate the great suffering to come, and it was to offer apologies and gratitude to the Four Elemental Mothers. Before leaving India Kuten La invited us back to see him, and I asked him, “do you feel we are heading towards extinction or there is still hope?” He paused for a while and answered, “there is still hope.” Based on sharing the sharing of my vision with him, Kuten La contacted His Holiness the Dalai lama, so that Chief Olu and I could have a private audience with him. The audience was granted and His Holiness blessed both of us. He gifted e three  books to me help empower her journey. Chief Olu and I  made  a promise to return back to help deliver the visions and solution. The response has been phenomenal. The spiritual circles, women and men and really working together to hold this powerful and urgent propitiation. The first call to hold an international prayer for the Four Elemental Mothers was June 25th 2016, and the response was phenomenal, with up to thirty-four ceremonies (as individual and group) prayers being held.

The message that came out of the first Four Elemental Mother Ceremonies is:

  • We must become the ceremony. We must lead our lives with our hearts and focus on balancing the Four Elemental Mothers within. As we balance them through purification and balancing practices they balance us. We go back to the connection to the community within and the community outside of ourselves.
  • The Four Elemental Mothers have been released
  • The Four Elemental Mothers now dance among us


Second Call to Ceremony and Second Vision Shared with Kuten La – State Medium of The Tibetan Oracle

Dear friends, sometime ago I was spiritually called to put out a second call for a  synchronized Universal Mother Four Elemental Mother  Ceremony for August 27th, sunset. There was a good response to this and the first call to hold a synchronized Universal Four Elemental Mother Ceremonies for June 25th, where up to thirty-four were held world wide. However, after the June 25th Four Eemental Mother Ceremonies, it felt as though something was missing from the prayers worldwide. Every night my spirit felt disturbed by this feeling. Every time I felt into this feeling it appeared as a deep psychic hole. I was confused and disturbed by what I felt and saw.  I knew that people were praying with so much dedication, so I didn’t know where this hole existed. The feeling kept on haunting me.

Suddenly  on July 22nd, and in my sleep state I fell into a very deep intense trance. My husband Olu managed the trance. He said there was a lot of sadness. He said the Mother Osun kept on saying,

“we are dying and the great suffering is imminent”.

Olu said Osun sang a very haunting sad song. He said the Mother said,

“He must pray for us, he has has not prayed as yet, but we need his and their prayers. We hear the prayers but we need him to pray for us. His and their prayers will help all the other prayers and the prayers will be strengthened.”  When Olu asked who was the “him”.

He said, Osun specifically said,

“Kuten La (The Tibetan State Oracle) and his monks. We need him to pray for us, time is of the essence The suffering is imminent, we are growing weaker. You must contact him immediately.”

As I began to come out of trance, Olu immediately divined with the Ifa Oracle and confirmed the vision. Once he did this he wrote to Kuten La – The Titan State Oracle.  He sent a letter directly to Kuten La’s Nechung Oracle Monastery and one to our friend Passang. Olu and I  prayed that somehow the letter would get to Kuten La. We are so grateful to our friend Passang who immediately printed of our e-mailed letter and hand delivered it to Kuten La. Somehow, between these two avenues Olu sent the letter through, Kuten La  received the urgent vision and responded almost immediately by e-mailing a letter to Olu and I.

We were surprised with the speedy response from Kuten La, as his messages have to be translated and discussed between him and his key staff. On his reply to the vision and message,  Kuten La  explained had not yet held the  prayers to the Four Elemental Mothers (the solution to the great suffering coming that had been given by the Nechung Oracle he carries), he had been very busy with sacred duties such as holding the energy all the important  Pedmesambhava (second Buddha)  birthday celebration ceremony which also celebrated the Fire Monkey Year anniversary. Based on the vision Kuten La, committed immediately to holding Four Elemental Mother Prayers with his monks at the Nechung Oracle Monastery. He would synchronize his prayer ceremony  with the worldwide Four Elemental Mother ceremonies to be held for, August 27th, sunset.

On receiving the message back from Kuten La, that empty hole I had been feeling surrounding  the Four Elemental Mother Ceremonies, the empty hole I could not figure out, suddenly disappeared. I sighed in a sense of relief.  I felt blessed that Mother Osun had given this intense feedback and trance on what was needed to strengthen our prayers and what had been missing. I was sad to because of the sadness and weakness I had felt in my body which emanated from Osun and the Elemental Mothers.

After Olu heard from Kuten La, he also heard back from one of our elders and priest in Nigeria, Chief Agboola, whom he had also contacted regarding my trance and the Ifa divination Olu had done to confirm the trance. Chief Agboola confirmed the message to be true,  and gave us further very important interpretation of the Ifa divination reading Olu had done. He wrote to us and said,

Ifa Oracle said it is important to  focus now more on water elemental mothers, Osun, Yemoja, Olokun (these are the Yoruba Nigerian names for the various Water Mothers).. There is more problems coming into our seas, oceans, rivers, stream and all other water bodies. For now if we focus and address more of issues relating to water element,  a lot of problems will be resolved.”

Chief Agboola’s message confirmed and clarified something very important. Since I have been back from India, Osun has told me that water and the Water Mother energy is very central to the prayers to the Four Elemental Mothers. I had passed that message onto all those who are holding ceremonies. Now  this message was more clarified for me.


The Teleconference and Sharing our Waters

I updated individuals with the second vision  through a teleconference on July 23rd 2016. It was a wonderful upbeat conversation. One of the major inputs from participants was that we should all send waters to me, I will mix them with the original Osun River source water. I will then send this mixed water out to key Four Elemental Mother Ceremony Holders and they will use it for the up and coming ceremonies and distribute out to participants.

Second Visit to See Kuten La –  State Medium of the Tibetan Oracle

In September 2017 Olu and I were invited to have private audience with Kuten La-Tibetan State Oracle for a second time, this time in San Francisco, United States. We participated in the Bhumtsok Ceremony for World Peace guided by Kuten La.  We received many blessings from Kuten La, teachings and further explanation on the Four Elemental Mother Ceremony. Kuten La explained that the Four Elemental Mothers live within us and outside of us. He further explained when the Four Elements are imbalanced within they are imbalanced outside and when they imbalanced outside they are imbalanced inside.  Therefore the Four Elemental Mother Ceremony is an inner and outer experience and a ceremony for World Peace. Kuten La explained that for the ceremony to be effective it was important that people were “on the same page, had compassion and good intents in their heart.” He further explained that, “the ceremony is a lifetime commitment.”  When I explained to Kuten La, Osun the Four Elemental Mother Ceremony has come forward in a multi-cultural way and Osun said I should teach it, he thought this was appropriate and gave it his blessing explaining, “humans form one human family, the world is like one house, the different places are like rooms in that house. If one room is in disarray or falling down then all the rooms are affected.”


Audio Recordings

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