Heart of Diversity: Bringing Compassion and Mindfulness into Diversity

I first presented this workshop at Rainbow School and Institute’s Beyond Mindfulness conference. Many people asked if I would be repeating it. If you, your organisation are interested in this workshop, please contact me. Here is the description:

I have sat in numerous talks of equity and diversity, have trained in one of the best diversity and inclusion programs and yet there is something that disturbs me –  the absence of the talk of the heart and compassion. Yet research and insperience shows that compassion and mindfulness training opens the heart up and helps individuals of all ages insperience and connect to a sense of true oneness, harmony, and joy. Thus are able to embrace diversity more easily and co-create  a peaceful whole world.

In this workshop  we will soften into powerful compassion and mindfulness concepts and exercises to enhance  diversity work, and nurture heart-based leadership in our schools, communities and self. On a final note, my husband once said to me, “If you don’t bring the question of the heart into things, you will always be putting out fires.”

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Pic: Some of graduating class for Four Elemental Mother Ceremony Practitioner Certificate, April 2017


Four Elemental Mother Healing Certification

In this powerful healing course you will journey through the Mother Tree of  Life through Four Elemental  breath work and hands on healing. You will become more familiar with the Four Mother Elements and their ability to heal and nourish our life. You will discover layers of healing as you discover the various mask you wear throughout your life. Each mask will be dissolved as you return home to the vast healing energy of the Four Mother Elements. This is a universal Shamanic and Tantric breath work practice. It allows you to sink deeper into the Four Elemental Mother Ceremony if you are already a practitioner work and or to become one with your true nature and source again.


Wednesday  @  9 PM  Eastern Time (2 hours)


Class is full. Registration is Closed.