108 Drops of Mindful Wisdom

  108 Quotes Mindful Quotes from Social Media

For the Therapist, Client and Individual Looking for Calm


MINDFUL QUOTES COVER_Edited108 Drops of Mindful  from Social Media was born on a day of deep disillusionment with life, which I got over due to uplifting quotes posted on my Facebook.  It was also birthed from the Facebook and social media mindful quotes collected by participants of the Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) group I was helping to co-facilitate during my counseling internship. I was constantly touched and amazed at how inspiring the group members found the quotes. This book is a compilation of the mindful quotes compiled by the participants of the DBT group, from my own Facebook and that of friends. The quotes in the book have been carefully selected to facilitate a mindful journey towards wholeness for the therapist, their clients, and for anyone seeking calm in life.

On a final note, this book was supposed to contain 100 mindful quotes. However, when I did a last count of the quotes in it there were surprisingly 108, the same number of beads that make up a meditation prayer mala (rosary).  This fact, along with suddenly finding a picture of meditation prayer beads amongst drops of water, was a sign to me that the book was meant to be. This book is the first of its kind that shares mindful quotes from social media for professionals in the mental health field and individuals looking for calm.