Yeye Omileye Achikeobi-Lewis, M.Ed, NCC, LPCA

Where international dharma and compassion meets social justice and history



Hi my name is Omileye, most people call me Omi. I have often had a hard time describing myself, so I  like what most people say about me – that I am an old soul in a modern world. If there was also one phrase that sums me up, I think it would be “I teach spread compassion wherever I go.”

I am a former journalist for London’s leading black paper The Voice, studied African Studies and International Politics at London University, School of Oriental and African Studies. I enjoyed learning about Ayurvedic medicine and receiving my degree in it from Middlesex University (London). It was tough but I also manage to get my Counseling Masters degree M.Ed with honors from Winthrop University.  I am an avid reader, sacred artist and researcher of the symbols of the ancient Mother Goddess cultures. Love teaching ancient spirituality and facilitating workshops in social justice, inclusion and diversity. I also  just love teaching the students  at the Center of Sacred Studies Ministerial Course and honoring amazing hero’s for mine and hubbie’s Olu Derrick Lewis’s  international Humanity4Water Awards.

I spent over ten years traveling to sacred waterways all over the world, contemplating, holding honoring ceremonies and just being. I credit the energy of water for setting me on the path that I am on now and for giving me more and more clarity about my life purpose as I get older. At this stage of my life I can clearly say (and it was hard for me to articulate before) that I have a deep passion at contemplating the deep  recesses where narrative, culture, spirituality, race, gender, systemic oppression, ancient healing ways and the state of our Mother Earth  and waters intersect. I believe that by examining these intersections we can begin to create the world we wish to see. I am drawn to ancient teachings and like to combine the knowledge of old with peaceful activism such as ceremony and dialogue as a means of changing our world.  I love working with the children, as the children is what it is all about really.y path has been one of hard knocks, lots of ancient initiations, astonishing mystery, receiving ancient titles (to ensure I do my life’s work) from my elders in Africa and some kind wise helpers on the way. I am deeply grateful for all life has thrown at me. That the university

On a final note, even though there never is a final note I wanted to mention my two names Omileye and Ezolaagbo which kind off sum me up.  The former means “Water gives me joy honor and dignity”, because I love everything to do with water. The latter name is my middle and it means “the woman who marries and leaves her mother’s house. When she becomes pregnant she returns to her mother’s compound to plant a tree at the entrance of her mother’s hut, in order to return the lineage home. Also sharing a life changing  vision I had with Kuten La – Tibetan State Oracle has been a serious turning point of my life, which has deepened my universal compassion work. If you would like to read more about this strange event in my life just click here to read a piece I wrote in my blog. Oh even stranger just happened…and that was being recognized as a Mamaki Emanation by Kuten La – Tibetan State Oracle. The ceremony is still being prepared. That is a whole other part of the journey that will need telling some day soon….

This is Hubby Chief Olu Derrick Lewis

Here is a a nice pic of my husband Chief Olu Derrick Lewis. I am so grateful for the work we do together for the benefit of our Mother Earth and Waters. I admire how he combines his life as an IT Project manager and expert so perfectly with spirituality and caring for all beings. He is an awesome Ifa priest,  Master Drummer,  as well and cooks a mean pot of chili.  Together we founded the Humanity4Water Awards.


More info about me:

Fifth Generation Wisdom Keeper

C0-Founder of Humanity4Water Awards

One of founding members of Global Interfaith WASH Alliance (GIWA)

Yeye Osun – Devotee and Student of ancient Ifa  Yoruba tradition and Osun

Transpersonal and Mindfulness Based Psychotherapist for adults and schools

Certified Mindfulness Practitioner

SEED diversity, inclusion and social justice certified facilitator

Trained in Building Bridges diversity, inclusion and social justice  program

Ayurvedic Practitioner (Degree from Middlesex University, London)


Some Highlights from My Life

  • Being recognized by the Kuten La- Tibetan State Oracle as an emanation of Mamaki – Female Water Mother and Buddha..Ceremony still to happen.
  • Having private audience with  His Holiness the Dalai Lama in India
  • Being invited to India to sharing vision I received of state of  world with Kuten La – Tibetan State Oracle and finding out we had received the same vision and message.
  • BVisiting Nigeria’s sacred Osun River Festival and praying with up to 100,000 people for the waters and world
  • Working to heal the world with my husband Chief Olu Derrick Lewis
  • When I work with children I feel so happy and fulfilled
  • Having my little girl Omo in 45 minutes!
  • Was interesting experience being an Artist in Resident at OM Sanctuary for a year


Titles and Awards

Fifth Generation Wisdom Keeper from paternal lineage

Crown of Osun (ancient Yoruba title from elders)

Yeye Osun Olomitutu – Mother Who Heals with Cool Water (ancient Yoruba title from elders)

Yeye Tayese  – Mother Who Mends the World (ancient Yoruba title from  elders)

Iyalode Egbe – Mother of All Heavenly Ancestors (ancient Yoruba title from elders)

Award – Prince Trust Award, 1996