What Matters?

While the short answer to that question is a simple our Mother Earth. The longer answer is Mother Earth, Water, Fire, Air, each other, all living beings and the Next Seven Generations.
Being with our Mother Earth and all her elements, having compassion and love are known to  provide total balance of mind, body, spirit and planet.
There are a variety of ways we can connect with the inner and outer forces of Mother Earth, Water, Fire and Air, so we can come into right relations again. The future of our planet depends on us Being the Ceremony.

How It All Started…

Founded back in 2007,  with a walk through the Sacred Osun Grove in Nigeria, the whisper of that grove and her Goddess spoke of community cooperation, compassion, good stewardship, inner and outer well being.

Her voice rustled through founders Yeye Omileye and Olu Derrick and quest began to find out how we got here and how we could get return to all that the  Osun Sacred Grove in Nigeria represented.

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Experienced Coaches



 “I have participated in many personal growth and spiritual courses and found my work with Omi beyond anything that I have ever experienced. Omi’s in depth understanding of history, ecology, psychology, and spirituality from a cross-cultural, universal perspective creates a unique formula to help us tap into the greater truths that lie within ourselves.  Through…

Dr Lynn Williams