Implicit Bias, Spirituality and Ugly that Showed Up on Journey to Mamaki – Part II Of Discussion – Into the Mother’s Mirror We Go


Large Canvas Painting by Yeye Omi – Sister Love

Wow, what a powerful discussion we have been having on Implicit Bias, Spirituality and Ugly on the Journey to Mamaki Emanation! There have been a dozen or more comments on Facebook and dozens of e-mails sent to me with really insightful wisdom into the multidimensional reality of this issue – the hidden things growing inside of us, hanging around “in the ether and trying to find somewhere to land” as Alicia Swaringen so profoundly stated. The sad thing is that those things are truly stopping us from creating a world of One Love. Far from being new, these things are ancient and hidden deep in the waters of our psyche. But the good news is that they can be untrenched but with much work.

Many of the comments given helped me to understand, what deep down I knew already – that those blank stares and polite nods regarding the Mamaki Emanation Recognition – emanated from a multidimensional issue that many of us have been the victims or perpetrators of. We have each most probably swung between the two on different occasions. A few women lay their vulnerability out to me and when commenting on this issue in essence said, “Omi you have made me have to admit despite my spirituality, I often judge people due to the color of my skin and often think I am superior. Please forgive me and I will try to work on this inside of myself” It was a very moving experience, it always is for me when someone dares to be vulnerable, in order to allow for change to happen.

So what did those blank stares and polite nods contain? The Ugly of generations, the Ugly of entrenched weeds with very long roots. The dimensional segments of Ugly this issue has raised in the glare of Mother’s light and mirror appears to be many and includes: implicit bias, racism, patriarchal systems and its wounds, inability to feel happiness for others and good things that come their way, lack of willingness to explore and embrace the many dimensions and faces of the mother’s appearances, and seeds of spiritual materialism which move us very far away from the sacred creating a soul loss and inability to really appreciate it. In terms of Patriarchal wounds I think it is important for me to highlight Grandmother Robin Youngbloodcomment, ” women in general have been oppressed by patriarchal systems for centuries. It’s often hard for women to see another woman honored because it points out to them the unhonored sacrifices they’ve made for husbands, children, lineage, etc”. What a sad truth, but a truth it is. So what we have on our hands is what Amy Kosh wisely called in her Facebook comment on this issue being discussed, “a knotted ball of threads to unwind” . That thread is ready for our spinning wheels – how will we go about the task of unknotting and weaving it.

In this final hour Mother holds up her mirror to us, not just as an invitation to change but as a total necessity that we must change for our Earth’s survival. It is a birth that we must be prepared to and willing to take on board – honey and bitter together, if we care about the future of our planet and children. As Llwellyn Vaughan Lee states in his book The Return of the Feminine and World Soul, “and because it is a birth, the feminine has to be present not just as an idea but as a living presence within us….However to fully encounter the divine feminine , the creative principal of life, we must be prepared for her anger, for the pain”. Are we willing to dive under the water for the wishing jewel guarded by the Water Beings and Mothers – who are the Naga spirits of all nations? You and I must ask ourselves honestly – how deep am I willing to go for the sake of my children and humanity?

This task of rising, rising with the Mother lies at the feet of all us, men and women. But it specially lies at the feet of us women, “”women have a crucial role to play in redeeming the sacred feminine and learning once again how to work with her. Women carry her wisdom and power in every cell of their body, and they have a responsibility in reawakening her potential.” Llewllyn Vaughn-Lee, The Return of the Feminine and World Soul, pg. xii.

And we must above all – rise together. This task of rising together is being modeled by the great Mother herself, as she brings the pieces of her cultural faces, symbols, stories and self back together again – to unveil for all who care to see, her qualities and the universal path to One Love. As Catherina Giskes so eloquently pointed out in an e-mail commentary on this issue, “It is great that old roots, old knowledge is shared among the different traditions, different continents, it’s time we remember what is our real work is.”

Narratives are hard to change, I can vouch for this as a licensed Contemplative Clinical Mental Health Psychotherapist and someone certified as a trainer in Social Justice, Diversity and Inclusion work and a spiritual teacher. I can vouch for this from my very own journey to change my own stories. But on the journey to being a story changer, I have discovered narratives can be broken, discarded and changed when we have a willingness to change. Are we wiling to change? Are we willing to do the work? Are we willing to rise and rise together? I answer “yes” over and over again to this question – knowing each footstep I take with the Mother is a “yes” to the future and a no to Ugly. I know the Mother is rising and is present to hold our hands through the dark times and to remind us that our innate nature is – ONE JOYOUS LOVE. Her presence also
Above also points to the path, the way, and the open door. Are you, am I willing to step through – together?

Valeria Leticia Frances heartfelt poetic comments on this discussion sums up the sentiment of rising and rising together perfectly, “As you answer, meet and receive your Calls and Gifts in service and rise in awareness, love, unity, and strength, so do we All as One, in Love, in Truth. Tuning in with the Truth of this Oneness with the Unified Field of All of Creation. I acknowledge myself as the heart, voice, hands and feet of the One. I acknowledge You as the heart, voice, hands, and feet of the One in affirmation, revelation, and embodiment of the Divine Mother in All of Her forms and faces across the planet. Tuning into and resonating with Love, Truth, Compassion, and Forgiveness to heal the Heart of Humanity so that We come together in Grace and Strength.”

As a counselor one of the things I always do with clients is loop back to the beginning of the discussion and their story. I pick up the main threads of the weaving loom of what has been said so far and that lead to the end cloth of the story we had reached together. For some reason this always seems to act as a powerful mirror that brings much needed healing medicine of sudden sparks of insight, knowing, wisdom and understanding. So on saying this please allow to loop back to the beginning of this discussion which begins with my first post – by highlight a comment a beautiful and dear sister Michelle Gould of Heavenly Writings made in regards to this discussion. It might be a reminder medicine for us all, as to why our Mothers are rising up together as ONE,

“Omi, I haven’t been on FB/computer much so I’m so happy I saw this post. I *love* how you literally embody the water element in Tibetan Buddhism. Water is Vajra and Vajra is “mirror-like” wisdom: it reflects what is there without judgement, like a mountain reflected in a lake. This statement was sooooo powerful and demonstrates it perfectly: “They are going to mirror ugly and beautiful all at the same time. They are going to trigger an age old wound and dialogue that needs to happen on very deep level. They are also symbols of separateness and they are also symbols of togetherness. They reflect the awakening that – there are no separation, only the ones that have been nurtured and exist in our own minds.”

Deep gratitude to all who contributed to this discussion of many threads.

One Love

Large Canvas Painting by Yeye Omi “Sister Love”