Why Water is Life and Chief Mother Element


Why is water the supreme element? I have always wondered why water is the supreme element. She forms the head element of the Four Elemental Mother Ceremony and I have often struggled to help people to understand that this ceremony honors all the elements but Water is the Chief Mother Element. One is because Osun helped to bring this ceremony forward, but the answer I knew went many layers beneath this statement. . For the whole of my ten year sacred journey with water, I have been made to contemplate her nature deeply. Why is water so important? Why so supreme? Why is Osun a Water Mother and a World Mother?

It is obvious water is life but why is she chief of all the elements. Often people will say that I honor water, but I honor all the elements as well. Water is not the only element. I have often said to people all the elements are very important but water birthed all the elements. All came from water. The a sweet moment recently came when as I researched my next book, “Return of the Black Madonna: From African to Asia” – I came across something the Dogon priest say about water. The Dogon say water is the first primordial energy from which everything was birthed (in fact, many ancient traditions say this) Dogon priest Ogotemmeli states,

“The Life force of the earth is water. God moulded the earth with water. Blood too he made out of water. Even a stone there is this force, for there is moisture in everything….Air and breath too is water vapor.” The divine unformed form of the universe created the Nummo Twins from which everything came. These twins were made from the seed of water and were made from water.

In the Yoruba story of creation we see that when Obatala, God of White Cloth that represents primordial light, came down to spread sacred Earth on Mother Earth, the first element he encounters is actually water. He descends down from the heavenly regions which in Egyptian Mythology is the body of Nut, the Supreme Mother of Water and Supreme Mother whose body arches over the world. And so on I will keep on contemplating our Mother Water and allow her to contemplate me to wakefulness.


Yeye Omi

(Ganesh in the Divine Womb of Mother Waters art by Yeye Omi)

This art piece represents the birth of the divine masculine, the new

world order birthed from Great Feminine Spirit.

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