It is easy to forget ourselves in the seasonal rushing around  and to clean forget what really sustains us. We lose touch with Mother Nature and all her Element, then we wonder why do we feel drained and depleted. This is a simple reminder to make an effort to connect with the forces that reside within and without. You can do this one Mother Element at a time. But how? Here is a simple practice below.


What are the Mother Elements?

In traditional African and Asian societies, the Elements are the very source of all existence. In Yoruba tradition the Mother Elements are personified as deities and the same is true for Tibetan Buddhism. The word deity means something that is of a divine quality or nature. So the Elements are not just seen as things but are viewed as the divine light essence of life which birthed all things – thus why they are often called Mother Elements. But like everything there is a yin and yang – so the Mother Elements, also have Father Elements.  In the Bon tradition Wangyal Rinpoche says that that the soul is made of this divine elemental force. Soul loss results when the Mother Elements are dissipated through stress, trauma, and life events. The ancients believed that keeping in harmony with these Mother Elements was the key to inner, outer and planetary balance.

The results of going far away from the Mother Elements creates a feeling of dissociation, illness, Environmental disasters and much more. We are feeling and seeing the effects of this imbalance more and more in our lifetime. So how can we begin our journey with the Mother Elements. Here are a few simple practices. As you do these practices remember to give gratitude, apologies to plenty of love to the Mother Elements.



Mother Earth is responsible for balance and a feeling of expansiveness. She is solid, grounded and patient. To connect with Mother Earth energy in the environment and within yourself lie on the floor in yoga corpse position and soak her energy up. As you do so feel yourself relaxing deeply. Also you may try going for a hike or remember when walking on the ground kiss her with your feet.



Mother Water is responsible for clarity and feeling at peace. She is fluid and reflective. To connect with Mother Water in the environment and within yourself soak in a bathtub filled with YlangYlang or sweet orange – scents that evoke her energy. Also you may try spending time by a river or waterway.



Mother Fire is transformative and she gives us clear vision. You can connect with her wisdom and restore her element by enjoying the warm rays of the sun, lighting a candle, watching a sunset or sunrise, having a warm bath for the heat


Mother Air

Mother Air is swift and compassionate. She changes structures that no longer serve us. Connect with her wisdom within through breath exercises focusing on opening your heart, enjoying walks and being out in the air.


Mother space

In Mother Space we all rest she gives us spacious clarity. Connect with her inside and outside of yourself, go outside and enjoy her. Go within and open up to her spaciousness.

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    I initially took on CrossFit trainings after a spending a lifetime in professional athletics. The fact that I loved sports so much contributed a lot to my decision.

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      I initially took on CrossFit trainings after a spending a lifetime in professional athletics. The fact that I loved sports so much contributed a lot to my decision.

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    Thanks a lot for the quick response. I was really impressed, your solution is excellent!!!

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